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Plastic and Esthetic surgery


Plastic surgery is the medical specialty that carries as a function to bring the human body a normal, aesthetic, and functional form. In other words, through surgery, we can reconstruct and correct the abnormalities in the human body. The word “plastic” derives from the Greek word “plastikos” which means to mold or shape.
Plastic Surgery is a very effective method to restore the normal aspect and functionality concerning the human body. It also allows the patient to re-mold its body to gain a more beautiful shape and aspect. It is relevant to mention that plastic surgery is divided into two main categories.
Reconstructive Surgery: (which also includes microsurgery), this particular division focuses on repairing or reconstructing the destructive effects of an accident or trauma. Reconstructive surgery uses ostheosynthesis, which is taking and transplanting healthy tissue to damaged areas in the patient’s body.
Esthetic or Cosmetic Surgery: this type of surgery’s main concern is to correct or change those parts of the body that are not satisfactory-looking for the patient. In many cases, the surgery must be performed due to a medical condition; some examples include breast reduction due to back and lumbar complications, or blepharoplasty in which its worst cases impede normal vision for the patient.